The Peoples’ Choices

For many weeks we have passed judgment on eachother’s  musical tastes.  As we enter the Round of 32, aka the Division Championships, it’s time to check in and who is ruling the nominating roost.

Still Top Dog (three nominations)

Guillermo, the undisputed king of road trip music tournaments, has put all those playlists to good use, generating three potential Division champions. 

Two-timers (dos nominations)

This crew can still dream of seeing two of their nominations battle for the title, minute as those odds may be.   Hat tips to MarkO, Danno, Aiko and yours truly.  A special hat tip is due to MarB and Jim, who had only four nominations to work with, and also have two remaining.

Last Standers (one nomination left)

Kudos to this group, some of whom only had a single nomination to work with, for having their picks make it this far.  Shout outs for AnnaZ, Benji, MidnightSpinMike, Tim Spellman, DJ Roomba, KateG, Meghan, Lindsay, DeborahS, Astrid, Colin, Dinah, AdamSzl, Natalie and Jacob.


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