Division E & F Semi-Final Results

Well, the votes are in, the people have spoken, and the message to take away from the Round E and F Semi-Finals is loud and clear: out with the new, in with the old. Every one of our winners was of a considerably older vintage than its respective opponent.

This is how Freddie Mercury responded when he was asked what he thought of his Division E Finals opponent, the Rolling Stones.

As expected, Queen’s live version of Somebody to Love showed Motorway to Rosswell the door. For a while it looked like Somebody to Love was going to set the record for the highest average score for a single round, with the mean vote lingering around 8.5. That was before Aiko and her Army of Player-Haters came along and brought the average back down to Earth, leaving it at 7.67. The final score was 207.2-161.4: a very healthy margin of victory, but not enough to put it at the very top of our contenders list. Somebody to Love did garner two tens, however, earning it a third trip to the Wall of 10s.

Queen will be facing another iconic rock outfit in the Division E final as the Rolling Stones’ Jumpin’ Jack Flash held off a respectable-but-insufficient push from Midnight Spin. The final score was 180.8-157.9.

In our third match up, Louis Armstrong’s old-fangled A Kiss to Build a Dream On managed to survive a serious challenge from new-fangled reality show diva Kelly Clarkson, besting her 196-185.7. Satchmo benefited from four tens, putting him back on the Wall for the third time this tournament. As for Janos’s suggestion that this innocent tune is in fact an ode to self-pleasure, I think we can put that theory safely to rest considering that masturbation wasn’t invented until 1965.

Satchmo knows he'll need to carbo-load if he's going to have what it takes to beat the Boss in the Division F Final.

Our final matchup was close until the end, but the Boss eventually shook Harlem Shakes once and for all, with a final score of 192.2- 181.4.

A fond farewell to The Pixies, Midnight Spin, Kelly Clarkson and Harlem Shakes.

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2 Responses to Division E & F Semi-Final Results

  1. lindsay says:

    How fitting for Louis Armstrong to win on his birthday! He would have been 100 on 7/4/11.

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