The Peoples’ Choices

Two rounds into the Peoples’ Choice Tournament, it’s time to see whose choices are rocking it.

For nominations we used a sliding scale, allowing voters of the previous tournament anywhere from one to eight nominations, depending on how often they had voted.  We’ll be repeating that system again, so thank you to our new (and recurring) regulars.

The following voters have multiple nominations left in the Round of 64:

Six Surviving NominationsGuillermo.     But of course.  The Doctor not only has six survivors, but “Home”, “The Joker”, and “Romeo and Juliet” are all on the contender list.

Five Surviving Nominations: MarkO.  Looking at MarkO’s list, I’m just astonished that we missed some of these songs when putting the LivingtheDream tournament together. However, no major contenders.

Four Surviving Nominations: Aiko and Astrid.  Kudos to both of these ladies for putting four survivors forward, but based on the numbers, not many will be around for the Round of 32.

Three Surviving Nominations: Colin, Jacob, Janos and Natalie.  The strongest ones from this group are “Sunny Afternoon” (Jacob) and “Somebody to Love” (Janos).

Two Surviving Nominations: Danno, JimRock, Lindsay, Margot, MarkB and Meghan.  JimRock and MarkB get some special props for having two of their four nominations survive- everyone else saluted in this post did it with eight nominations.  This group produces contenders “Little Lion Man” (Meghan), “Dog Days Are Over” (MarkB) and “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” (Danno).

Now we have true closure for the Round of 128. In 24 hours this list will be partially obsolete.   See you all in the Round of 64 comment section!

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Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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5 Responses to The Peoples’ Choices

  1. MarkB only had 4 as well. He and Jim Rock get the gold of the silver award or something like that.

  2. lindsay says:

    I have 2 left too! Try a Little Tenderness and What is and What Should Never Be are both still in.

  3. janos marton says:

    My bad, Lindsay! I am no spreadsheet-smith, and I was juggling several to crunch these numbers.

  4. The Catholic says:

    What about the slaughter awards? Like for those like myself whose nominations have gotten eliminated with extreme prejudice…

    Thanks for acknowledging my little babeh! He’s awesome, little Emmanuel Tobias Heyming (AKA Manny Toby “Kieb”). I’ll try to keep voting, but the hospital connection won’t let me access grooveshark…

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