Round of 128: Division F Results

Louis Armstrong's dreams of the Round of 64 come true

3 out of 4 match-ups in Division F were pretty close throughout voting, but alas, there were no upsets…no upsets within the seeds anyway.  I would certainly consider Kelly Clarkson defeating Led Zeppelin as a major upset (even if I helped cause it…whoops!).  The only consolation here is that this was the closest match-up of the division.  Clarkson won by only 3.6 points.  Louis Armstrong’s A Kiss to Build a Dream On made short work of 2HB, winning by 46.2 points.  This doesn’t come as a total surprise since AKTBADO was the 7th highest average score in the last round, however it does seem to be losing some momentum.  AKTBADO averaged 7.16 this time, versus 7.74 last time…

Ghostwriter goes the same way as it's similarly named mid-90's TV Show

#1 A Kiss to Build a Dream On (Louis Armstrong) defeats #8 2HB (Venus in Furs) 164.6 – 118.4

#4 Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson) defeats #5 Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin) 143.9 – 140.3

#2 Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen) defeats #7 Smile (Smith Westerns) 147.05 – 131.2

#3 Strictly Game (Harlem Shakes) defeats #6 Ghostwriter (RJD2) 154.1 – 137.2

As for my little voting system experiment, it seems to have worked from a technological standpoint, but I hear you on being able to let people see how a song is doing and integrating comments.  I’ve got some nerdy ideas on how to solve this.  Refill your food pellets and water bottle, because I’m experimenting on you again in Division K with some improvements.

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  1. The Progenitor says:

    Are we gerbils? Hamsters? or Rabbits? Or that miserable striped rodent that keeps digging holes in my yard – the chipmunk?

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