Round of 128: Division E Results

What a great set of match-ups- three of these went down to the final voters.  Though #1 “Somebody to Love” (Queen) started a little slow, it eventually rained a hailstorm of 9s  and 10s on #8 “Funky Kingston” (Toots and the Maytals), winning 197.2-140.8.  Toots, and all of reggae, I believe, is eliminated.  Somebody to Love has the highest score of the day by far, and is the favorite to take Division E.

There was not a ton of love for either of these songs, but #5 “Motorway to Roswell” (Pixies) reclaimed the lead late in the game, prevailing over #4 “Classic Gas” (Mason Williams), 149.2-146.7.

In an earlier draft of this post I referred to Jason Mraz’s blow-out loss, but #7 “I’m Yours” came roaring back, falling just short to #2 Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Rolling Stones), 168.6-160.1.

In another see-saw battle, #3 “39” (Queen), which we now know is sung by Brian May and about a space adventure gone awry, blew a sizable lead against #6 “Trigger Finger Itch” (Midnight Spin), a song about a bank robbery gone awry.  Midnight Spin took the narrow win, 178.9-172.1.    There will be no Queen v. Queen barn-burner in this tournament.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Trigger Finger Itch both make the Wall of 10s courtesy of Mike and Benji (self-call).  Somebody to Love makes the wall thanks to Progenitor, Janos and Lucky Two Thumbs.

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Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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