First Round Awards!!! (Part 2)

So we’ve done some more number crunching and we’ve got another 4 sets of awards to dole out in appreciation of our voters.  Before I jump into that, a few quick stats about tournament participation so far.  The Round of 256 went on for 37 days, drew in 128 unique voters and 7,552 votes were cast.  That’s almost 3 times as many people and almost twice as many votes than we saw in the LTDMT!  So thanks to everyone who has been listening and voting.  We here at Living the Dream are having a lot of fun, and we hope these numbers are showing that you are too.

On to the awards!

Proprietors of Perfection Award

Proprietors of Perfection

We’ve already seen which voters in the PCT love and hate on average, but this pair of awards focuses on the extremes.  This first award goes to those who like the double digits, and have thrown out the most 10s in their voting.  You might think there would be some overlap between the Lovers of All Things Musical and these winners, but this is not the case.  These voters fall square in the middle in terms of average score, but they know perfection when they see it.

Gold Medal: Jacob (9 10’s)
Silver Medal: Adrock (8 10’s)
Bronze Medal: Aiko (7 10’s)

Just Kill Me Now Award

Just Kill Me Now

The 2nd award in this set goes to those with sensitive ears, those who have most often wanted to stick a fork in both ears and hook it up to a car battery.  The 3 winners of the Just Kill Me Now award have given out the most 1’s in the Round of 256.  Similar to the last award, 2 of the 3 winners, on average, fall right in the middle of the pack, but the third is a familiar face and this award might help chip away at a mystery presented in Part 1 of the awards yesterday.

Gold Medal: bday ( 11 1’s —  Ladies and Gentlemen, he’s done it.  bday has pulled off a hat trick in awards so far.  Not only did he have the most 1’s, but he had more than twice as many as the silver medalist.  Brian and I had a radio show in college, and I can attest that a lot of what was nominated in this tournament just isn’t his cup of tea.  Tip of the hat to you sir for keeping it real)
Silver Medal: Jacob (5 1’s —  Jacob has the distinction of winning both most 10’s and most 1’s, yet did not manage to pick up a TDH award yesterday…that’s impressive.  Good luck tracking him in the Round of 128 though.  He changes his name every single day)
Bronze Medal: Lindsay and DJ Roomba (4 1’s each —  LTD contributor Lindsay thought she was going to fly under the radar with only 2 1’s, BUT WAIT she also gave out 2 0.5’s.  That’s cold.  We count those as a 1 in the spreadsheet though, so enjoy your award!  As for DJ Roomba, I think she’s still just cranky from being stepped on by Jerry.)

The Oracle Award

The Oracle

What’s really going to bake your noodle later on, is would you still have broken it if I hadn’t said anything?  Clairvoyants, soothsayers and prophets.  Winners of this award have the best percentage of picking winners in the PCT.  It’s like they know what’s going to happen.  If you are unplugging for a few days, but can’t wait to see the official results of the Round of 128, just take a gander at how these 3 are voting.

Gold Medal: bday (75%  — Wow!  Just, wow!  You can’t make these numbers up.  4 awards for Bday.  He’s a playa hater, drops 1’s like it’s his job and isn’t afraid to indiscriminately destroy a song on his way, but you’ve got to hand it to him.  More so than any other regular voters, he’s right three fourths of the time)
Silver Medal: Catholic (74.2% — Catholic, you are having your way in this tournament, but haven’t voted in two weeks!  Come back, we miss you!)
Bronze Medal: DJ Roomba (72.9% — DJ Roomba, TURN IT UP!! Another hat trick folks)

Please Don't Go Award

Please Don’t Go

Welp, you can’t win ’em all.  Winners of the Please Don’t Go Award are probably the most frustrated of our voters, because their picks just aren’t winning.  Don’t fret though, we just reseeded and it gets a lot more exciting!  To entice you to keep voting, please accept this award and stick around for punch and pie.

Gold Medal: Bessaface (46.7%)
Silver Medal: Aszlachetka (50%)
Bronze Medal: Isabel (52.8%)

Stay tuned dear readers.  The Round of 128 begins TONIGHT AT 8PM EST!!!

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5 Responses to First Round Awards!!! (Part 2)

  1. dj roomba says:

    I’d like to thank Tom Haverford for building me… and SkyMall for supplying him with all of the parts.

  2. Danno says:

    Turkey can never beat cow Chris, sorry.

  3. dj roomba says:

    you had me at meat tornado.

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