RESHUFFLE (i.e., we’re reseeding the tournament)

Gene Simmons and Chad Kroeger had nothing to do with our reshuffle

After myriad comments in the People’s scores regarding the seeding system, the contributors have gotten together and decided to do something about it. As I’ve previously explained, we let the voters seed themselves if they were awarded more than one nomination, and then we filled in the blanks with new nominations. Now that we actually have scores and data, we are going to use those numbers to reseed the whole tournament. We’re going to ignore the old rules about nominators’ songs being in the same division and all of that, and instead give the Top 16 survivors #1 seeds, the next 16 #2 seeds, etc., etc. So look out for that on Sunday- as soon as we get our final scores in for Division P, Right Side, I will be reconfiguring all the brackets and putting songs in logical spots. Who knows where your song will end up? Only time will tell! Yup.

Thanks for voting and for participating in this round! Danno and I are going to work on some sweet awards stuff for the weekend, look forward to that, and don’t forget to tell your friends to get involved!


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4 Responses to RESHUFFLE (i.e., we’re reseeding the tournament)

  1. MetricTrout says:

    Can you reconsider? I am not a fan of this idea at all. I think reseeding based on past performance will take nearly all of the unpredictability out the tournament, with higher seeds easily defeating lower seeds by a margin proportional to the margin of difference between the seeds. I like having upsets.

    • aiko says:

      I think that’s true for the higher seeds, but you’ll still have upsets and close races in the middle of the pack. And the voting population changes as well, so that adds to the unpredictability. I think you’ll find there will still be lots of surprises.

  2. Hey MetricTrout- I invented the original seeding system so it definitely took me some time to come around to this idea. The thing is that the original system didn’t even work in the first place since one person’s idea of a 1 seed or a 13 seed didn’t really match up to what the aggregate people thought of the songs.

    The big thing about the tourney is whether a song has “staying power” per se, i.e., if I give it a 9 the first time around, but it sort of starts to bother me the second time around or something like that, is it going to keep advancing? That sort of thing is what drives upsets, which I think are still gonna be pretty common. Additionally, this makes it less likely that we find ourselves with potential Elite Eight matches happening in much earlier rounds just because of our arbitrary original seeding system.

  3. janos marton says:

    It’s also worth noting that last tournament we paired songs in the first round based on genre, and then didn’t actually seed them until we had a first round score to work with.
    By waiting a round to generate seeds, we’re following that route again, and it worked pretty well last time.

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