Round of 256: Division O, Left Side Results

Belleruche says, "Don't be a tool"

Well folks, we’ve got a new high scorer of the tourney.  With three 10s and a whopping 8.33 average, Dire Straits’ Romeo and Juliet left The Association’s Never My Love (who had a respectable average of  6.62) in the dust 208.2 to 165.5.

Voters were lukewarm on the Boss in this round, but he still slipped by as Streets Of Fire (Bruce Springsteen) defeats Cath Caroll (Unrest) 136.8 to 124.7.

Belleruche appeared to bring a new sound to most voters’ ears, and they approved: Clockwatchers (Belleruche) defeats Schism (Tool) 159.7 to 124.1.

And dance clubs were favored over Irish pubs: Hello Good Morning (Diddy – Dirty Money feat. T.I.) defeats Sally MacLennane (Pogues, The) 152 to 134.2.

“Romeo and Juliet” may have gotten a few bonus points for the Empire Records nostalgia -it’s hard not to smile at the image of Ethan Embry feather-dusting a ballerina in a listening booth while listening to that song.

UK 2, USA 1

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1 Response to Round of 256: Division O, Left Side Results

  1. Gmo says:

    Is that guy on the right in Belleruche a ginger Danny Scull doppelgänger?

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