Round of 256: Division M, Left Side: Results

I hope everyone is having a long, wonderful weekend.  I’m happy to be back tonight with some results for you all, and want to thank Danno for helping me out on Thursday night by taking over my posting duties.

In a very close race tonight, David Bowie’s Life on Mars defeats the Primitive Radio Gods’ Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand, with a final score of 153.85 to 151.6.

Primitive Radio Gods, eliminated.

Primitive Radio Gods, eliminated.

I haven’t actually checked on this, but I think it’s safe to assume that the song in the PCT with the longest title has just been eliminated.  Perhaps we feel the same way about long titles as we do about long songs?  Anyway, see you around Primitive Radio Gods.

With the lowest average score of the night, just 3.57, MF Doom’s Kookies were not popular with PCT voters.  MF Doom was eliminated by The Doors’ Alabama Song.  Final Score:  166.2 – 89.3.

The Doors Move On.

The Doors Move On.

Big Star’s Thirteen soundly defeats Stranger Cole’s Ruff and Tuff, 154.1 to 141.2.

And finally, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists did not have a Lovely Day at all — Bill Withers, the high scorer, sends their Sons of Cain home.  168.6 – 147.4.

Bill Withers has a Lovely Day.

Bill Withers has a Lovely Day.

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