Round of 256: Division K, Right Side Results

Updated- forgot to add in the very last vote, which switched two of the winners. This is not my week at all. Much thanks to the Living The Dream Team for checking on that.

More close matches for the most part, but one tournament songstress did emerge as we closed out Division K. I want to start this post though by thanking Adrock for his behind-the-scenes help updating the brackets- less glory than being a poster, but if you don’t have someone behind the scenes then nothing gets done. Like in that movie Sneakers. And that other movie Mission Impossible. And now, onto the results…

High scorer of the match-ups goes to the live/acoustic version of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” which barely let Feist count 1, 2, 3, 4 before laying down the law, 186.45-167.1 and sending her packing back to Mushaboom (which is incidentally a town in Nova Scotia.) Adele also claims the Round of 256 Division K Leader spot with an average of 7.17.

Not this time, Robbie & co.

In what seemed like a very strange reversal of fortune, “Sweet Melody” upsets “Chest Fever,” 159.7-140.4. Astrid nominated a Walker song in the play-in round of the 580 song tournament and it lost, while “The Weight” made it all the way to the Elite 8. This is a very different sort of tournament, folks.

This next match was sort of like if Martin Luther King, Jr. was fighting aliens, which is funny when you’re still at work at this hour. “Motorway To Roswell” dips through the second day, but a late +4 puts them just on top of “Up To The Mountain,” , 165-164.4. Gotta love the nailbiters!

I'm staying, Elliot! I'm staying!

Last but not least, our most contentious match of the day was the Two Gallants-Allman Brothers duel- I kid you not, one of these had a 0.03 point lead at one point thanks to Chris Roomba’s 29/3 vote. Ultimately after much drama, “Seems Like Home To Me” gets a late boost past “Jessica” on Astrid’s final vote, winning 161.1-158.2.

Out of the damn thing: Feist. The Band. Patty Griffin. The Allman Brothers (and with the D and the D’s loss, Duane goes out far too early, just like in real life.) Pixies start strong at 1-0 with two songs left. “Two Gallants” goes to the Wall of 10’s with nods from Aiko and G. Last but not least, my funny seeding system’s 1, 2, and 3 seeds go to 21-12 collectively. I have plans for a fun mid-rounds post with normally distributed curves, you all just wait.

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3 Responses to Round of 256: Division K, Right Side Results

  1. G says:

    You forgot to tally Astrid’s vote Gmo, who also made it in before 8pm EST.
    I updated the spread sheet and the results are as follows:

    Pretty Melody (Butch Walker) defeats Chest Fever (The Band) 159.7 to 140.4
    Seems Like Home To Me (Two Gallants) defeats Jessica (Allman Brothers) 161.1 to 158.22
    Someone Like You (Acoustic Live) (Adele) defeats Mushaboom (Feist) 186.45 to 167.1
    Motorway To Roswell (Pixies, The) defeats Up To The Mountain (MLK Song) (Patty Griffin) 165 to 164.4

    TWO GALLANTS and PIXIES WON. PIXIES by .6 and two gallants by well… by close anyway 😉

  2. Adrock says:

    Always happy to help – and I’m sure no one wants me to talk any more than I already do!

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