Round of 256: Division K, Left Side Results

Van Morrison

This set of match-ups was pretty evenly…matched.  All four of them went back and forth between the contenders over the last two days, but in the end someone has to win.

Alison Krauss should have at least said something.  Ooh La La (Faces, The) defeats When You Say Nothing At All (Alison Krauss) 179.25 to 163.85

Leonard Cohen says so long to this division and the entire tournament.  Warm Love (Van Morrison) defeats So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen) 171.8 to 157.4

China Cat Sunflower hangs on

This matchup resulted in the largest margin of only 19.7 points.  Fairytale had some early love from day 1 voters, but day 2 voters didn’t agree. Here Comes My Baby (Mavericks, The) defeats Fairytale (Sara Bareilles) 167.7 to 148

Grateful Dead hang in there for one more round (I swear I’ll stop posting cat pictures after tonight).  China Cat Sunflower (Grateful Dead) defeats Friggin’ In The Riggin’ (Sex Pistols, The) 139.7 to 123.1

Alison Krausse, Leonard Cohen, Sara Bareilles and the Sex Pistols are all eliminated from the tournament.

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