Round of 256: Division H, Right Side Results

A pretty ho-hum day over here- very few high scores, and only Otis emerged as a potential tournament threat.  In fact, no songs made the Wall of 10s.

#2 Can’t Find My Way Home (Blind Faith) def.  #15 Teenage FBI (Guided By Voices), 212-168.  Not only were most people not into Guided By Voices voices’, but their own nominator, Democratic Adam, only gave them a “6”. Meanwhile, early enthusiasm for Blind Faith waned, and it ultimately did stumble home with a milquetoast win. 

#10 I’d Rather Go Blind (Etta James) def. #7 Mr. Bongo Bong (Manu Chao), 218-187. In the end, folks seemed to find Mr. Bongo Bong a little too whimsical to compete with Ms. James’ class.

#3 Temptation (New Order) def. #14 Let Down (Radiohead), 205-196.  After a rocky start, Radiohead closed in and made this one a battle.  My prediction that this would be the closest match-up was vindicated!

#6 I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Otis Redding) def. #11 Ever Make You Mine (These United States), 224-199. Otis pulled off the high score of the round, but I wonder how far he’ll get past this bracket with so supporters noting that this isn’t their favorite Otis song…

These United States, Manu Chao and Guided By Voices are eliminated. Radiohead will get another shot with “Fake Plastic Trees”.  Now that song packs a punch.

Ladies and gents, I’m off to Turkey for 10 days.  I’ll try to round up voters for a listening party one night in Istanbul, but otherwise I’ll see you on the sunset side of the Round of 256.

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Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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1 Response to Round of 256: Division H, Right Side Results

  1. The Catholic says:

    At least alot of people really enjoyed Mr. Bongo. Too bad for the haters…

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