Round of 256: Division G, Right Side Results

Good Evening friends!  We’ve all been on the edges of our seats for these results and after hours of tabulating scores, I finally have results for you!

First of all, we had 31 voters in this round — not bad for a Sunday night post!

11 Seed, Cake Moves On

11 Seed -- Cake -- Advances

When I put together the post about these match-ups, I would have never guessed that things would turn out the way they did.  I wouldn’t have picked a twangy country duet over Tears for Fears.  I wouldn’t have expected a difference of almost 165 points between the lowest and highest scoring songs.  And most of all, I wouldn’t have excepted Cake to advance, much less be the high scorer of the night.


The Scores:

(2) Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man, Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn v. (15) Mad World, Tears for Fears

Twitty & Lynn defeat Tears for Fears by a hair:  190.5-187.6

(7) No One, Alicia Keys v. (10) How You Like Me Now, The Heavy

The People like The Heavy.  The Heavy advances.  209.5-200.2

(3) Trust, Megadeath v. (14) Dos Gardenias, Buena Vista Social Club

The Cole Miner's Daughter Moves On

The Cole Miner's Daughter Moves On

Megadeath succumbs to Buena Vista Social Club.  170.9-147.3

(6) Yellow Ledbetter, Pearl Jam v. (11) Let Me Go, Cake

And Cake, well, takes the cake.  211.9-205.5

Out of the Tournament:  Tears for Fears, Alicia Keys, and Megadeath.

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3 Responses to Round of 256: Division G, Right Side Results

  1. g-mo says:

    Kentucky ain’t Blue tonight!

    Sorry TFF, you just got served a meal called Fist City

    You better believe the Squaw Was On The Warpath

    Last time you mess with a Coal Miner’s Daughter

    probably forgot You’re Looking At Country

    (ok I’m out of Loretta Lynn song references and going to bed, but seriously, I am thrilled about that win)

  2. brian orce says:

    if you liked THE HEAVY (and obvs ya did!) — free show in Prospect Park this Saturday.

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