Ken Jennings Tuesday Trivia

Every Tuesday we bring you questions from former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings.  To get on Ken’s scoreboard, email him your answers at

As for posting the answers below- questions 1 through 6 are pretty easy to Google, but if you know the answer to the weekly stumper, question 7, give us all a helpful clue in the comments below!

1.  What short-lived TV series titled almost half its episodes with rhyming pairs like “Beers and Weirs,” “Tests and Breasts,” and “Noshing and Moshing”?

2.  The world “ball speed record,” once held by jai alai, has since been reclaimed by players of what much more popular sport?

3.  The drug levonorgestrel is marketed as “Plan B,” under the assumption that “Plan A” is what?

4.  In the Bible, what kind of bird saved Elijah’s life but was singularly unhelpful to Noah?

5.  What now-independent island took its former name from the Portuguese for “beautiful island”?

6.  What rock frontman was born May 10, 1960–appropriately enough, just nine days after Francis Gary Powers was shot down over Russia?

7.  What unusual (and fairly specific) distinction is shared by all these movies?  The Barefoot Contessa, The Brothers McMullen, Frankenstein (1931), Great Expectations (1946), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Night of the Living Dead, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Saving Private Ryan, Under the Volcano, Volver.


Congratulations to Alex Marton (now on a two-week streak!), Brian Martin and Colin Hunt (and maybe Guillermo) for solving last week’s question 7: What unusual distinction is shared by these famous people?  Charlie Chaplin, Dom DiMaggio, Marcel Dionne, Stephen Douglas, Hadrian, Fiorello LaGuardia, Bruce Lee, Annie Oakley, Edith Piaf, Martin Van Buren?

They were all nicknamed “The Little” something- respectively the Little Tramp, the Little Professor, Little Beaver, the Little Giant, the Little Greek, the Little Flower, the Little Dragon, Little Miss Sure Shot, the Little Sparrow, and the Little Magician.


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3 Responses to Ken Jennings Tuesday Trivia

  1. I’m not taking credit for Elmo.

  2. …but I do want to redeem myself this week, think I got it. You could add Remember The Titans to this list.

  3. Astrid says:

    You could also add Sleepless in Seattle.

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