Round of 256: Division E, Right Side

#2 Lost In The Trees

Votes due Friday, June 17th at 8:00 P.M. The right side of Division E has a little bit of everything: some rap, some string instruments, some folk, some summer radio. Not one of these match-ups is in anyway genre specific, and I have not an inkling of an idea how the People are going to lean on these. Grooveshark link is here, votes are due by Friday, June 17th at 8:00 PM.

#2 Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) vs. #15 Shake It (Metro Station): Chapel Hill, NC based folk orchestra Lost In The Trees opened for Neko Case for a few shows earlier this year- they’re heavy on the string instruments. Metro Station began when Mason Musso and Trace Cyrus met on the set of Hannah Montana, where Trace was picking up his little sister Miley. That is a very interesting fact I did not know until right this instant.

#7 Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) vs. #10 Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) Detroit underground late 90s hip hop meets another Rumors track.

#3 The High Road (Broken Bells) vs. #14 Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) Broken Bells is the combination of Danger Mouse (the same one that did the Grey Album way back when) and James Mercer, lead singer of The Shins. With NWA, another entrant likely to dissuade older voters, but the importance of the collaborative work of these gentlemen can’t be denied. These are the definitive fathers of the gangster rap sub-genre and the voice of Compton and West Coast rap in the late 80s. And check out this 2010 MC Ren interview I found online.

#6 Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) vs. #11 Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) A battle between two incredibly talented women singing about very different things at very different volume levels.

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33 Responses to Round of 256: Division E, Right Side

  1. Marc says:

    Scores for Me / Danno

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 5.5 / 4.5
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 1.5 / 6

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 3 / 2.5
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 3.5 / 2.51

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 2 / 3
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 4 / 4

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 2 / 3.6
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 7.5 / 6.75

  2. dj roomba says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 6
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 1
    I don’t actually hate Shake It, but I have soul-sucking work memories associated with it, sorry. It took me the entirety of Tall Trees to decide I liked it, but I think I do like it. Hmm.

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 5
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 7
    I didn’t know Songbird was Fleetwood Mac until a recent episode of Glee. I might have liked their version better….. Listen here before you judge me: Now that I am flipping back and forth between the two, I think I like the original better, so I am upping the score, what the hell.

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 6
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 5.5
    The High Road I never like until the end… those last seconds redeem it for me.

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 5
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 7.5
    I didn’t hate Elvis Presley Blues but I didn’t love it. And I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation. No no no no no no no no.

  3. aiko says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 8
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 2.5
    Tall Trees: instrumentals are excellent. The singer’s voice was jarring at first, but I got used to it. I think this song will do well with repeated listens and I am going to check out this band. I heard a lot of songs like Shake It when helping my friend chaperone his 12-year-old cousin at Warped Tour a couple of years ago.

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 7.7
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 6
    Slum Village: Fantastic hip hop. They are doing a lot of interesting stuff without it sounding like they’re trying too hard. More like this, please.

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 6.5
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 2.5
    Look, I understand the context of NWA and all, but I just can’t handle the misogyny. Like, okay, you’re pissed off at the position society put you in? So you talk about women like they’re pieces of meat? Yeah, expressing this anger was shocking and cutting edge at the time, but my score is kind like those people who torpedoed Cher for using autotuner: it was innovative at the time, but it paved the way for a lot of brainless, soulless dreck down the road. I won’t go off on this too much, but if you’re interested in a fascinating discussion about both the pro- and anti-hip hop arguments that percolate throughout the media “The Hip Hop Wars” by Tricia Rose is a really great read.

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 7
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 8
    Gillian Welch live is one of the great pleasures in life. But I’ve got to give it to the ass-kicking.

  4. Bill Haverchuck dressed as the Bionic Woman says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 5 Is this Stereo Lab doing a cover of a Eurythmics song?
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 6

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 6
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 2 I’d give this a one, but I feel bad for Christine McVie, the other female singer in Fleetwood Mac who had to live in the witch’s shadow.

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 6
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 5 I’m all about sticking feet up the asses of punk bitches, but this gets old by the second verse. I did like the brief “Be Thankful for What You’ve Got” sample though.

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 6 Elvis shook it like a Harlem Queen? Actually, I can kind of see that now.
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett)- 9 Two words (plus an ampersand) : Freaks & Geeks. Bill Haverchuck dressed as the Bionic Woman, this one is for you.

    • Bill Haverchuck dressed as the Bionic Woman says:

      I realize I’ve made a terrible mistake. I was reading all of the bashing of shake it and how it was a douchy after party song, so I went back and listened to it and realized I had never heard it before because I accidentally listened to one of the other songs instead. I just checked it out and agree that it’s obnoxious, so I amend my score. Shake It goes from six to a four, giving the win to Tall Trees.

    • brian orce says:

      hahaha “I’m all about sticking feet up the asses of punk bitches, but this gets old by the second verse. I did like the brief “Be Thankful for What You’ve Got” sample though.”

      i knew NWA would be an AK-toting lamb to the slaughter. i just love it too much.

  5. G says:

    Great variety-packed round today guys! Thanks everyone for the nominations.

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 8 [I’m a sucker for strings but not for Thom York…]
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 1.0 [Lowest score I’ve given. I think this song nicely represents everything I dislike about modern pop.]

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 7.5 [fantastic flow- strange ending]
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 7.55 [classic- yet odd for me as a stand alone track]

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 7.5
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 6.0 [4 points for the beat, 2 for being N.W.A., and 0 for the rhymes. All I can think of is that it’s a spoof of itself–but then the Chris Rock /Phil Hartman vehicle CB4 would be a spoof of a spoof? N.W.A. is too meta for me.]

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 7.5 [truly outstanding harmonies but little arc]
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett)- 7.75 [fantastic hook but too much fonsi-esk teen angst. Would be really happy to have both of these advance.]

  6. Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 7.5
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 4.5

    Strings + Percussion is pretty killer. Shake It is like a song on the playlist of the after party I didn’t really want to go to but was the only one available. You know exactly what I’m talking about, some girl outside that is in your larger group says “oh I’ve got some _______ let’s go to my place,” and you have nothing better to do so you go, and you get there and realize exactly how lame it is, and all of the sudden you are like “this is stupid and it’s 3 am- I’m going home to watch my Tivo episodes of Jeopardy.” And as you exit, “Shake It” starts playing and some guy upstairs behind you yells “This is my jam!” and you say to yourself: “I chose wisely.”

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 6.1
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 5.5

    Um Baatin used “lyrical Voltron” in his verse and it didn’t sound stupid- this sorta has a Tribe Called Quest sound to it, thanks for the nomination. I prefer the Eva Cassidy cover of Songbird. I love Rumours, but this is like my 3rd or 2nd least favorite track on the album (damn Rumours, what an album.) All respect to nominators, but after Second Hand News, Don’t Stop, and Go Your Own Way I feel like the next logical Fleetwood songs in general would have been Silver Springs, Dreams, Rhiannon, Everywhere, hell maybe even Little Lies. But this Songbird/Gold Dust Woman stuff, I dunno…gotta give it to Detroit here.

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 6.4
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 6.2

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 8
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 7.5

    This is a battle. Gillian gets points for sounding so pleasant after Gangsta Gangsta. Joan Jett gets points for sounding awesome, but I’ve got a soft spot for the female bluegrassy thing. Pumped that Welch is in here, and that we have an Alison Krauss song coming up later.

  7. Matt B says:

    I’m excited by all of the bands I am not familiar with in this bracket. I don’t think I’ve ever listed to anything by Lost in the trees, Metro Station or Slum Village.

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 5
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 1.5

    Tall Trees was an interesting song and “folk orchestra” is a genre that’s new to me. I’m still on the fence about it. Guillermo, I was tempted to say that no one would ever say that Shake It was “their jam” and then I realized that someone nominated this song and so someone must feel that way.

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 6.3
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 4

    Fantastic had a great flow. Ok, I’m just going to say it; I don’t like Fleetwood Mac.

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 5.5
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 7

    This is not my favorite Broken Bells track.

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 6.3
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 5

    Dig the harmonization on E.P.B. but I can’t imagine a time when I’d ever play this song on my own. Joan Jett surely rocks hard.

  8. Carrie says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees): the obligatory 10 (Bjork deserved a 10 too, by the way)
    Shake It (Metro Station): 2

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village): 6
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac): 6

    The High Road (Broken Bells): 6
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA): 2.5

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch): 7
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett): 6.5

  9. sarita says:

    tall trees – 4 –
    shake – 6 – i don’t want to like this song, but i can’t NOT dance when it comes on.

    untitled/fantastic- 2.5 –
    songbird fleetmac – 1 –

    broken bells – 9.5 – one of my favorites
    nwa – 1 – they’ve got major attitude but i can’t quite deal

    elvis blues – 2 –
    joan jett – 5.5 –

  10. brian orce says:

    tall trees: 6.5 (i don’t like it, but it’s got something)
    shake: 5.5 (It’s in the positive column, but pretty dumb)

    untitled: 4 (Another rap song with weak beats that sounds like fuckin’ junior college slam poetry)
    songbird: 3

    high road: 5.5 (I’m not voting low on this one because it’s against one of my picks)
    gangsta gangsta: 10 (solid beats, amazing lyrics, long, solid verses… sorry, but i really love the shit out of this. i foresee a lot of low votes based on either not REALLY listening to the whole song and a predisposition against rap. – this one has no chance judging by what i see above. lots of hippies on this site – guess i’m one of the few suburban-white-boys-who-grew-up-on-rap-not-guitar-based-crooning voters. nothin’ but love for the LivingtheDreamers though!)

    elvis: 2 (Shhhhh!)
    bad rep: 9 (Only Crimson&Clover and Hate Myself for Lovin’ You can even touch this song in the Jett repertoire).

  11. The Catholic says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 6
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 4
    Fun instrumentals, mediocre vocals on Tall Trees.

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 7.5
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 2
    Gonna have to check out more by Slum Village, heard of them before and pleasantly surprised. Very Rootsy.
    Songbird – no.

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 6
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 3
    Not my kind of hip hop.

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 4
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett)- 7.8
    Joan rocks.

  12. Ryan Quinnelly says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 4.5
    yeah, i just didn’t get into it too much.
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 6
    another song that made it onto my running playlist based on a reccomendation. yes, I’m embarrassed it works too.

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 3
    songs ok. just ok
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 2
    everything from rumors makes me ill.

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 7
    good song. i like james mercers vocals always and his work with the shins is amazing. i hear he’s a dick though.
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 6
    haha. whats funny is i can’t take any of their violence seriously because the tune is so upbeat it makes me dance. hilarious.

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 4
    i lifted this album from an ex-gf’s mom once. not bad but nothing compared to her darker album “hell among the yearlings.” talk about southern gothic.
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 7.5
    Fuck yes. turning this one LOUDER. NOW. sorry gillian, im trying to tip my wine faster.

  13. asf says:

    Tall Trees – 7.5 – I like this, great use of melodica – the orchestration kind of sounds like the gotan project or something, it also contrasts nicely with the electronic beats. The outro kind of dragged, but I’m interested enough to check out this band more.

    Shake It – 3.5 – Boring and kind of hate the voice.

    Untitled/Fantastic – 7 – Good stuff, never heard of this group before, definitely will check out more.

    Songbird – 4.5

    The High Road – 7 –

    Gangsta Gangsta – 7.8 – West coast gangsta rap is straight funk, i like funk.

    Elvis Presley Blues – 10 – I love Gillian Welch.

    Bad Reputation – 7 – I wanted to give this a low score because I want Gillian Welch to advance, but this is just a good song.

  14. Eileen says:

    Tall Trees – 5.0 vs Shake It – 6.0

    Untitled – 3.0 vs Songbird – 8.0

    High Road – 6.0 vs Gangsta Gangsta – 1.0

    Elvis Presley Blues – 5.5 vs Bad Rep 6.5

  15. The Progenitor says:

    Tall Trees – 5.75 vs Shake It – 5.0 – Trees started off real well; loved the sound in the first half but then it fell off the table; voice was lacking and the second half was a bore. Shake It was more lively but lacked any originality in the lyrics and the music.

    Untitled – 1.5 vs Songbird – 8.5 – Untitled should remain that way; totally forgettable in every aspect. Songbird – this is real music; can listen to this anytime, anywhere; a real lyric and though the instrumentation was simple, it was all that was needed.

    High Road – 5.0 vs Gangsta Gangsta 1.0 – High Road was nothing special and did nothing for me good, bad or indifferent. Gangsta is undeserving of comment other than to say I would rather go to a dentist and have a tooth pulled………………with no novacaine.

    Elvis Presley – 5.5 vs Bad Rep – 5.0 – Where’s Elvis? Much rather listen to him. This was marginally listenable. Bad Rep – Bad is the operative word here. Only thing good was the length – short. She should worry more about her music and voice than her rep.

  16. Anne S. says:

    Tall Trees – 6.5
    Shake It – 3

    Untitled – 3
    Songbird – 5

    High Road – 4
    Gangsta Gangsta – 4

    Elvis Presley Blues – 5 Clearly talented, but I couldn’t quite get into it.
    Bad Reputation 5.5

    Kindof a not bad, but nothing special group of songs for me.

  17. zd says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 4
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 5.5

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 8
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 3
    Unfamiliar with Slum Village, but thinking should look into them.

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 7,5
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 2

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 4
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 8

  18. Meghan says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees): 5. I liked the strings in the opening but didn’t like the second half.
    Shake It (Metro Station): 5.5 I had heard this song before and it was a little peppier than Tall Tress, which is more what I need in the morning.

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village): 4. Not bad but nothing really grabbed my attention.
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac): 6.5

    The High Road (Broken Bells): 6- I found myself liking this and will probably listen to it again.
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA): 3.5 I don’t mind rap but the siren really annoyed me this morning.

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch): 6.5
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett): 7.5

  19. Mark O says:

    Tall Trees – 4
    Shake It – 6

    Untitled – 4
    Songbird – 7.25

    High Road – 6
    Gangsta Gangsta – 3.5

    Elvis Presley Blues – 5
    Bad Reputation -8

  20. Mark B says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 6
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 5.5
    Damn it, Shake It is exactly the kind of song that I hate to admit that I kind of like. I have absolutely no explanation for this other than “I kind of like it but I don’t know why”. It’s clearly not genius but it is catchy, even if annoyingly so. Loving the strings on Tall Trees but the awesome wasn’t sustained throughout the song which I thought was a shame.

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 2
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 9
    OK, so Guillermo’s “why Songbird” question is a fair one I guess. This was one of my nominations and so I should probably explain it. As I’ve said about 976 times by now, I love Rumours. I think that if you don’t like Rumours and the story behind it then there might be something wrong with your emotional wiring. Just a thought. Oh, and they even spell the word properly which makes me very happy. Why Songbird over more easily-defended tracks? Quite simply, it’s the…well…simplest. It is – I think – the perfect example of how a simple melody, lyrics and stripped-down sound can pack just as powerful a punch. I think it is as vulnerable as songwriting gets and it’s completely beautiful. Haters, PLEASE listen to the lyrics and then, if you really REALLY still think it deserves less than a 5 then I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. But god knows it’s not a 1, 2 or 3. That is surely ridiculous. So yeah, it’s not the most popular, recognised or applauded but in my opinion it’s still everything else that makes this album so great. Quite aside from the above, I really don’t get Untitled. At all.

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 6
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 4
    I really wanted to love Broken Bells when they first came out but I never got to that stage. Was working at their record company when they were being hyped but I never thought they lived up to it. I like this song but I don’t think that it’s in anyway essential or especially memorable. NWA and I are just not meant for one another (at least in part because I feel like a bit of a fraud listening to rap) but I didn’t hate this (although god knows I didn’t love it either) which is progress…

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 5
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 2
    GW is a brilliant poet/storyteller and this is totally fine but, although I liked it more and more as it went on, it didn’t set my world on fire. As for JJ, I feel like I’m being Punk’d. Is everyone really into this?! I think it’s close to horrible.

  21. colincolinhunt says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 6
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 8

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 5.5
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 6

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 6.5
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 7.5

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 6
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 7.5

  22. Dinah says:

    Tall Trees – 5
    Shake It – 6 nasty lyrics, catchy tune. i guess i’m a sucker for pop.

    Untitled/Fantastic – 5
    Songbird – 8 oh, sweet songbird! love rumours!

    The High Road – 6
    Gangsta Gangsta – 7 – because it’s ridiculous and iconic

    Elvis Presley Blues – 10 – because it’s hypnotizing and beautiful and i nominated it.
    Bad Reputation – oh crap. this is a fun one. 7.5.

  23. natalie says:

    tall trees – 7.5
    wow. cool. brand new sound to my ears & i like it.
    shake it – 1
    my ears did not react as well to this new sound. i was about a minute into it when the boss came by so i took off my headphones to chat for a minute and then i had to start the song over again… that did not make me happy

    untitled/fantastic – 2
    this score may reflect my general dislike for hip-hop, though i always try to keep an open mind, and most hip-hop songs have received higher scores from me in these tournaments, but this did nothing for me.
    songbird – 5
    really? another fleetwood mac song? it’s pretty, i suppose

    the high road – 9
    this was my pick and honestly i’m a bit surprised at the lukewarm response. i love this collaboration and i think broken bells is one of the best albums that’s come out in the past 10 years or so, and i’m not sure i’ve ever come across anyone who has listened to them & not liked them (but that’s what keeps this tournament interesting). i remember hearing an interview with james mercer where he said that he wanted to write songs that some kid could sing & play on his guitar if he wanted to, meaning the emphasis was on the song and not on the production (despite the danger mouse collaboration). and you can hear that in the music… it works as a stripped-down guitar & vocals (and maybe drums) song and then you’ve got all these other layers that give it complexity and a unique sound.
    gangsta gangsta – 2.5
    it seemed like it could be ok at first, but this just isn’t music to me, sorry. +.5 for a fun beat & some ridiculous lines.

    elivs presley blues – 5.5
    i’m supposed to love gillian welch. anyone that has similar musical tastes to me is baffled when i say i dont listen to her. i keep meaning to try a bit harder, but i don’t particularly enjoy listening to her sing. she must be a good song-writer because i’ve heard a few other bands cover songs by her that i absolutely love. i find this song mediocre. +.5 for nice harmonies.
    bad reputation – 4.5
    i bet i would give this a higher score on a sunny day.

  24. Astrid says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 5.8
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 6.7

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 4.9
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 7

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 5.9
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 7

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 6.9
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 9.8

  25. Margot says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 6
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 7

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 3
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 6.5

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 7
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 1

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 4
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 8

  26. bday says:

    Tall Trees: 7
    Shake it: 4

    Untitled: 2
    Songbird: 1

    High Road: 7
    Gangsta: 1

    Elvis: 2
    Bad Rep: 6

  27. aszlachetka says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) vs. Shake It (Metro Station) = 5.5 to 2

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) vs. Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) = 9.5 to 2
    Jay Dee R.I.P
    “I got more where this come from”

    The High Road (Broken Bells) vs. Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) = 6.5 to 6.5
    Not bad – saw broken bells before knowing who they were/ who was in the group. Actually this translates better recorded than the concert (didn’t hear all the cool noises).

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) vs. Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) = 6.5 to 5.5

  28. adam says:

    i don’t know why my name insisted being ‘aszlachetka’ – i’m not at my home computer, so let me know this came through ok

  29. Maureen says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 6.5
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 3
    Tall Trees is an odd song, but I got into it.

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 5
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 7

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 7.5
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 1

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 7
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 8
    This one was a tough call. Another day/time Gillian could have been the winner – but I feel like kicking ass today. And that means Joan Jett.

  30. Adrock says:

    Tall Trees (Lost In The Trees) – 3.8
    Shake It (Metro Station) – 5

    Untitled/Fantastic (Slum Village) – 2
    Songbird (Fleetwood Mac) – 4

    The High Road (Broken Bells) – 6.1
    Gangsta Gangsta (NWA) – 8

    Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch) – 3
    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) – 6.5

  31. janos marton says:

    Not very into today’s songs.

    Tall Trees – 5.7
    Shake It – 7.3
    Both intriguing, but Shake It went somewhere.

    Untitled – 4
    Songbird – 7.5
    Anyone up for an all-Rumours tournament?

    High Road – 5
    Gangsta Gangsta – 8.5
    I actually scrolled specifically to find Progenitor’s commentary on Gangsta. It delivered as expected. I actually LOVED this song. Nothing is colder than Ice Cube. And it’s not about the salary, it’s all about reality.

    Elvis Presley Blues – 5.5
    Bad Reputation – 7 Great little punk riff, but sooooo repetitive.

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