Round of 256: Division D, Left Side Results

Mr. Roboto

Despite being from the future and perhaps knowing his fate, Mr. Roboto didn’t really stand a chance.  The voting public seems to be warming up to this Death Cab song since last round.  Dōmo arigatō misutā Robotto, but Title and Registration takes the cake.  221.9 to 201.1

Hootie vs Steve was pretty close over the last two days, but in the end, Time withstood the test of…nevermind.  Maybe voters recently saw Darius Rucker at the CMA Awards and were just jonesing for some more.  Time triumphs.  185.1 to 171.9

YAF was fairly steady throughout voting, but Outkast’s non-top 40 entry was pretty polarizing.  A lot of people just couldn’t get into the less heard southern hip hop style.  6 Grammy Awards be damned, Young Adult Friction clings to the lead.  191.2 to 155.8

The last matchup was the nail-biter of this round.  The lead was switching every couple of votes, but OKGO got a KO within the last few minutes.  White Knuckles wins.  206.4 to 202.9  

To celebrate, here’s some dogs doing tricks: 

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3 Responses to Round of 256: Division D, Left Side Results

  1. Lolly says:

    Thanks for the ACM Awards – Vanderbilt Kennedy Center plug!!! Darius/Hootie is coming back to perform with the campers again at the Grand Ole Opry in a few weeks, so he deserves some extra love.

  2. janos marton says:

    Wow, what a video! Get’s me pumped to vote for it again.

  3. lindsay says:

    I love the White Knuckles video! I’ve been known to watch it on repeat when I’m having a bad day.

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