Round of 256: Division B, Right Side Results

The right side of the bracket featured two blow-outs, two nail-biters, and amazing voter participation, so thank you to all for voting.  With 44 voters, this was tied for the second most adjudicated round we’ve ever had, second only to the LTD Finals in April (81 voters).

#15 Trigger Finger Itch (Midnight Spin) def. #2 Allison (Elvis Costello), 263-258.   The most random thing about this match-up is that we accidentally pitted a song where Mike Corbett sings vocals and plays lead guitar against his top nomination to the tournament. Our bad, dude.  Mike, being the class act that he is, voted for Allison 9-7.   A sizable majority of voters went the other way, however, and Elvis the 2nd goes down.  But fear not, Costello fans- “My Thief” remains ahead.

#7 All Shook Up (Elvis Presley) def. #10 This Bastard’s Life (Swinging Utters), 282-219. A bit of a cakewalk for the King.   This group is not the first to dig the tune- All Shook Up held the Billboard #1 spot for nine weeks in 1957, and was the biggest selling single of the year.

#3 Hold On, Hold On (Neko Case) def. #14 Next Episode (Dr. Dre),  288-283.  After my match-ups post I got an email from Margot denouncing my suggestion of a Dre upset, and indeed, voters very much responded to Neko Case (not to be confused with Nico, who also sings good).  That said, Neko only won by 5, so some credit has to go Papa and Mama Adrock, who defied their son to go 16-2 for Hold On, Hold On.

#6 Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) def. #11 Going Underground (Jam), 301-246.  People were all kinds of reminiscing about Cyndi’s sappy love song, and it put up big numbers taking out the Jam, who didn’t catch on with most voters.   Cyndi is probably the favorite to come out of this group and make the Division B championships.

*Please note that we chose not to count the three votes for Trigger Finger Itch that came without a score for Allison.  In the early days of last tournament, people would occasionally comment or email in the name of their preferred song(s) without a score, and we ultimately decided to give those an automatic 7-5 score.  We also have encouraged people to listen to all matchups, not just one.  I see no harm in keeping the 7-5 rule intact for unaware first timers, but as per Guillermo’s post we will now *more strongly* encourage folks to listen to all four matchups, and retain discretion not to count votes for people that don’t. In my experience, when a friend comes over once you’re already listening and voting, that friend will have an incomplete score, and we don’t want to get rid of those scores.

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1 Response to Round of 256: Division B, Right Side Results

  1. Two songs in this group made the Wall of 10’s:

    Allison, Elvis Costello: Ryan Q, xenok
    Hold On Hold On, Neko Case: Margot, Zara

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