Play-In Matches: Day 1

Bright Eyes

(Update: Thanks to Danno for fixing the Grooveshark link. Listen to the full list of songs here)

Votes due by Tuesday, May 31st at 8:00 PM EST. 2010, it was Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs. Winthrop. In 2009 it was Morehead State vs. Alabama State. That’s right- I’m talking about the 64-65 seed play-in game of the NCAA

tournament. You know, I always wondered whether or not they have a lot of festivities for the 64-65 game, and how many people go.


And where do they hold that game? I could look up this information, but honestly, I can’t be bothered. The thing is though, I think I built in this extra waiting time with this possibility of play-ins in mind, so the timing works perfectly.

With that, I give you- Play-In Matches: Day 1. Basically, we took the entirety of all new nominations by new voters and put them into open spots according to how we thought they should be seeded. We gave seeding priority to voters who didn’t make Bronze Tier but had at least participated before. The rest was subjective objectivity. Don’t be offended if you are in a play-in match, we just thought this was the group of 14 songs that necessitated it most.

Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff (what happened to that guy?)

So for newbies….click on this Grooveshark link, listen to each song at the same volume, and when you’ve listened to both songs, give each a score between 0 and 10. Then go to the next match. When have given scores to all the songs, either post your scores as a comment on this page or e-mail your scores to Votes are due by 8 pm EST on Tuesday May 31st.

Division B Play-In: International Players Anthem (UGK) vs. Angel (Sarah McLachlan)

Division C Play-In:
I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) vs. Closing Time (Semisonic)

Division D Play-In:
Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) vs. Lua (Bright Eyes)

Division F Play-In:
Careless Whisper (George Michael) vs. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith)

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37 Responses to Play-In Matches: Day 1

  1. Janos says:

    First votes of Peoples Choice!
    Here are some people: orce, janos, jean, kelsey, cristina
    UG whatever: 4.5 5 5 4 5.5
    Bells: 4 4 4.7 5 4.5

    closing time: 6 7 7.5 7.5
    registration: 4 5 6.8 6

    bright eyes: 1.5 2 2 3
    fresh prince: 6 6 5 7

    we were not big fans of the bright eyes song.

    • Danno says:

      what happened to careless whisper and angel?

      • janos marton says:

        In the gusto of our pre-party for a soul dance party we just followed the grooveshark link, which was incomplete. thanks for fixing it danno!

    • janos marton says:

      Having revisited the full play-list, here are the corrected votes.

      UGK v. Sarah McLaughlin: Incomplete for group
      Score for Janos: 4.5 for UGK, 1 for Sarah

      I can hear the bells: 4 4 4.7 5
      Closing Time: 6 7 7.5 7.5

      title andregistration: 4 5 6.8 6
      lua: 1.5 2 2 3

      fresh prince v. careless whisper: incomplete for group
      For Janos: 6 for Fresh Prince, 4 for Careless Whisper

  2. lindsay says:

    International Players Anthem (UGK) vs. Angel (Sarah McLachlan): 6/2
    This UGK song was a radio staple in New Orleans the last summer I lived there. I don’t particularly care for it, but hearing it reminds me of that time and makes me happy.

    I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) vs. Closing Time (Semisonic) 5/5

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) vs. Lua (Bright Eyes) 7/6

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) vs. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) 5/6

  3. xenok says:

    I like me some soul, so International Players Anthem 7 over Angel 3 (I may very well be a male chauvinist pig, but Lilith Fair music just isn’t my cup of tea).
    I prefer Doughty’s voice over Semisonic’s whiny anthem, so I Hear the Bells 7 over Closing Time 5.
    One word: XYLOPHONES! Title and Registration is probably my favorite from this round. Title and Registration 8 over Lua 6 (Lua would be so much better with Tom Waits on vocals, methinks)
    Both songs did not age well, but at least I have fond memories of the show, but Careless Whispers and I have a rough history (don’t ask). The Fresh Prince of Bel Air 4 over Careless Whispers 1

  4. Danno says:

    Not sure why Angel and Careless Whisper are missing from the grooveshark playlist…here is a fixed playlist:

    International Players Anthem: 5
    Angel: 6
    Really didn’t like the beginning of Players Anthem, but then when it got to that part that Girl Talk samples I started digging it from then on. Didn’t think I was going to be in the mood for a slow/sad song, but Angel is kind of haunting. Giving angel the win.

    I hear the bells: 4.5
    Closing Time: 9
    I hear the bells was pleasant, but wasn’t really doing much for me. Closing time has always been a favorite for me though. I remember back from the pre-itunes day, I bought the Godzilla (1998) movie soundtrack just for this track. Winner.

    Title and registration: 6
    Lua: 4.5
    Didn’t recall liking anything off Transatlaticism…may have to revisit now. It took me a long time to figure out whether I liked Bright Eyes when I first got introduced to them. Kind of an acquired taste. Not my favorite song from them though.

    Careless Whisper: 6
    Fresh Prince: 2
    I think it’s a little strange that I think of Magic 106.7’s David Allen Boucher when I hear Careless Whisper (anyone else from Boston know what I’m talking about?). If Fresh Prince was the TV version, it may have performed better. This extended version doesn’t push my nostalgia button quite right.

  5. aiko says:

    Hey it feels good to be voting again!

    International Players Anthem (UGK) 3
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) 2

    Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) 5
    Closing Time (Semisonic) 6.5

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) 8.5
    Lua (Bright Eyes) 8
    I often like Death Cab’s music but really don’t care for Ben Gibbard’s singing. This track is a good example of that. I love Bright Eyes and could go on and on about the merits of this song vs. others on this album vs. other Bright Eyes songs about drug benders with people you don’t really care about… but I’ll spare you.

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) 2
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) 4
    “Faith” was really close to making the cut for my submissions, so I was glad to see George Michael getting another shot… but I can’t back this song.

  6. Troch says:

    International Players Anthem (UGK) 4
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) 5

    Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) 2
    Closing Time (Semisonic) 8

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) 6
    Lua (Bright Eyes)3

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) 8
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) 6.5

  7. dj roomba says:

    International Players Anthem (UGK) 7.5
    Angel (Sarah McLachlin) 3
    I got really into the International Players Anthem. I even looked up the video and liked it even more. I kinda want to make it my ringtone…? Sarah McLachlin is reserved for sentimental graduation mix tapes (emphasis on the tapes) so I just couldn’t get into it this morning. I have no heart, so sue me.

    I hear the Bells (Mike Doughty) 3
    Closing Time (Semisonic) 5.5

    Title and Registration (Death Cab) 6
    Lua (Bright Eyes) 6
    I thought for sure I’d go with Death Cab on this one, but I liked both of these about equally.

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) 5.5
    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Will Smith) 5

  8. Mark B says:

    International Players Anthem: 4
    Angel: 5
    I went into this assuming I was going to hate IPA and, lo and behold, I did when it started. Then it got better. Not at all what I’d usually listen to but the Girl Talk-inspired familiarity made it not-awful in the end. Angel is a bit whiney and I couldn’t listen to it twice in a row but – on mass familiarity and certain-moments-in-life appropriateness – it probably needs to win this round.

    I Hear the Bells: 2
    Closing Time: 7.5
    Aaaaaah, Closing Time: I love it but I’m not convinced it’s actually THAT great a song. It just fits so perfectly in certain contexts and amongst certain groups of people…I’d imagine some people would really hate it. Bells starts nicely but I REALLY hate it once 1:13 kicks in.

    Title and Registration: 5
    Lua: 4.5
    I’ve never loved Death Cab as much as the next California hipster but they always have a certain charm to them (which, sadly, is totally trumped by Postal Service taking the best of them and bettering it in my opinion). T&R is nice but not very memorable for me. I’ve also never got into Bright Eyes as much as I feel like I should. Lua just feels a bit monotone to me.

    Careless Whisper: 6
    Fresh Prince: 1
    Fresh Prince is not a good song, let’s face it. It might be nostalgia-inducing but it’s not good…..right? Perhaps I’m missing something that a couple of plays doesn’t unearth. The George is so shamelessly and outrageously corny here and those of us who saw a good chunk of the 80s have got to love a bit of that.

  9. sarita says:

    IPA – 3
    Angel – 6
    There’s something redeeming about how much Angel resonates with people during trying times.

    I hear the bells – 5
    Closing Time – 9
    Bells got me kinda dancing in my chair, but few songs could win against Closing Time. It’s an absolute classic that always brings me back.

    Title and Regis – 4
    I wanted to like this more but it goes in the category of: “wouldn’t turn it off if it came on.”
    Lua – 2
    Too slow and dark for me to like right now.

    Careless Whisper – 5
    Fresh Prince – 3 (sadly)

  10. bergie19 says:

    International Players Anthem (UGK) 4
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) 4
    I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) 7
    Closing Time (Semisonic) 4
    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) 6
    Lua (Bright Eyes) 5
    Careless Whisper (George Michael) 4
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) 3

  11. zd says:

    International Players Anthem: 2
    Angel: 4
    Love Outkast, but no love for pimps and hoes pop-hop
    Angel’s a bit too slow for my taste, but definitely takes the cake here.

    I hear the Bells – Mike Doughty: 4
    Closing Time – Semi Sonic: 7
    Not familiar with Doughty, but think there’s talent there. This particular song had lots of fairly monotone singing that I’m not a fan of. Will try to check out other music in the future.
    The piano at the beginning of closing time makes me happy and hearing the song is a total sing along.

    Title and Registration – Death Cab for Cutie: 5
    Bright Eyes – Lua: 3
    Title and Registration. Death Cab is a very good band, but sometimes Ben Gibbard makes is forgettable.
    Brights Eyes felt slow, dark, and a bit depressing.

    Careless Whisper – George Michael: 6
    Fresh Prince – Will Smith: 3
    Careless Whisper is a descent song for the 80’s
    Fresh Prince was written as a joke. And for that, I love it.

  12. Jack says:

    International Player’s Anthem- 3

    Hard to get excited when the rap doesn’t improve on the original sample.

    Angel- 1

    I’m bored and but really worried about puppies for some reason.

    I Hear the Bells- 8.5
    Closing Time- 4.5

    This surprised me. Closing Time looks like a good candidate to be the VCU of 90’s one-hit wonders: it could do some damage after the play-in round. But after initially getting excited when the hook came in, I began to feel like the song went on too long. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard this track too many times (in 7th grade I wrote a parody version about the Noble Gasses for Chemistry) or maybe it’s because I wasn’t in a bar at the end of the night when I listened to it. I Hear the Bells was a new song for me but I really like it- the lyrics are much better that Closing Time and the female back-up vocals are special.

    The battle of the sexless indie pop:
    Title and Registration- 6.5

    Title is in desperate need of chugging, noisy guitar somewhere in the middle- but is otherwise a fine song. Lua… this song is not interesting enough to say anything about. I’m sure the lyrics are fine, Bright Eyes should just do books of poetry. I’ve yet to be impressed by his songwriting.

    Careless Whisper-3
    Wanted to like it. Did not.
    Fresh Prince- 6.5
    Nostalgia aside this song is actually great.

  13. deltaRhythms says:

    International Players Anthem – 4.5
    In the Arms of the Angel – 6
    IPA just didn’t get me going. To my untrained ear, it sounds sorta’ generic… Not bad, it just doesn’t stand out enough. IAA – is a pretty epic song and definitely is unique, but it’s got a time and a place – not anytime, anyplace.

    I Hear the Bells – 7
    Closing Time – 5
    I didn’t know the Doughty song, but I really like it! It’s quite catchy! It’s not super energetic, but it gets you moving. Closing Time was great. Now it’s too tied to a single time, place, moment for it to be the greatest. In that way it’s similar to In the Arms of the Angel, but less timeless.

    Title and Registration – 7.5
    Lua – 4
    Title and Registration is a good song, but not my favorite from Death Cab, but my favorite in this round. Death Cab is perfect for those late night drives after dropping off your friends. Lua was a bit too slow for me to get into. Reminds me a bit of Nick Drake, who I like better.

    Careless Whisper – 2
    Fresh Prince of Bel Air – 3
    Careless Whisper is too corny! I’ve never actually heard the original track, only the opening for the show… the opening is better.

  14. The Progenitor says:

    International Players – 1.0 – Not my ind of tea, even on a good day.
    Angel – 4.5 – This was at least music even if I kept nodding off.

    Hear the Bells – 2.0 – The refrain – “Dumb, dumb, dumb???” sums it up.
    Closing Time – 5.5 – Pleasant enough! Could actually listen to this a second time; even a third.

    Title & Reg – 6.0 – OK with a thoughtful lyric as well. People actually wore gloves to drive once upon a time and needed a place to keep them.
    Lua – 1.5 – Not sure what was more painful – the lyric or the tempo.

    Careless Whisper – 6.5 – Aah!! At last someone with a voice. But “Faith” is better.
    Prince – 3.0 – Cute narrative but nothing else.

  15. Eileen says:

    I’ll save the commentary until I know everyone better.

    International Players – 1.5
    Angel – 4.5

    Bells – 3.0
    Closing – 6.0

    T & R – 5.0
    Lua – 3.0

    Whisper – 6.0
    Prince 3.0

  16. G says:

    International Players Anthem (UGK) 3
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) 5
    gets extra points because McLachlan saved DMC’s life.

    I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) 5
    Closing Time (Semisonic) 6

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) 6
    Lua (Bright Eyes) 8 [the only play-in song I think I actively enjoyed.]

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) 1 (simply awful.)
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) 8 [this is compared to careless whisper]

  17. adam says:

    International Players Anthem (UGK) vs. Angel (Sarah McLachlan) = 7 to 4

    I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) vs. Closing Time (Semisonic) = 5 to 6

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) vs. Lua (Bright Eyes) = 4 to 6.5
    Bright Eyes is usually a little too ’emotional’ for me, but this is a good song

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) vs. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) = 6.5 to 3
    I would actually classify this George Michael song as ‘strange.’ Quite a tune for a big radio hit.
    Last I knew up into the mid 2000s at least, DJ Jazzy Jeff was still DJing and reppin philly. The sample on “Summertime” alone is proof that he’s an excellent DJ. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the TV theme holds up.

  18. Mark O says:

    Players Anthem (UGK) [3]
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) [6]

    I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) [5]
    Closing Time (Semisonic) [7]

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) [5]
    Lua (Bright Eyes) [3]

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) [5.5]
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) [4]

  19. Lolly says:

    International Players Anthem – 5/ Angel – 4.5
    I Hear the Bells – 3/Closing Time – 7.5
    Title & Registration – 4/Lua – 5
    Careless Whisper – 6/Fresh Prince – 5

  20. John C says:

    Players Anthem (UGK) 2
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) 6.5

    I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) 3
    Closing Time (Semisonic) 8.5

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) 3.5
    Lua (Bright Eyes) 2

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) 8.5
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) 8

  21. Marc says:

    Players Anthem (UGK) – 2
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) – 4

    I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) -3
    Closing Time (Semisonic) – 6

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) – 3
    Lua (Bright Eyes) – 2

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) – 7
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) – 2

  22. brian says:

    Although my votes are above in the top comment, I really wanted to hammer the point home that Lua by Bright Eyes was definitely one of the 10 or 20 most unlistenable songs I have ever been forced to sit through. I’ve disliked songs before, but have been able to objectively appreciate them…

  23. Adrock says:

    Players Anthem (UGK) – 4.5
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) – 2

    With Danno on the opening to Player’s Anthem – but it gets pretty hot as it gets going….then it went awry again around 3:15. Maybe a few more listens would change my mind (as is so often the case with me and rap), but as of right now, it just feels disjointed.

    Angel didn’t do anything for me.

    I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) – 3.5
    Closing Time (Semisonic) – 8.3

    Bleh on the first… not a bad sound, but just underwhelming. Closing Time I admit is cliched and overplayed… and I don’t care. Thoroughly happy it made it in to the tournament, and a perfect way to wrap up a great Memorial Day weekend.

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) – 5.1
    Lua (Bright Eyes) – 1

    Not usually a Death Cab fan… but this wasn’t bad. Just can’t figure out what’s going on with Bright Eyes.

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) – 7.5
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) – 5.8

    I don’t want to like Careless Whisper.. so cheesy, so ridiculous. And yet I can’t help it! I feel like the random art gallery patron in Seinfeld looking at the Kramer portrait – “It’s grotesque.. but I can’t look away!” This may be sneakier than I expected.

    I was really psyched up for Fresh Prince. Like so many of us here I’m sure, I remember being a kid getting all pumped up as reruns of it came on in the afternoon, singing the theme song, and feeling cool because I knew all the words (yes, I realize how uncool that is, but this is how I work). What I didn’t remember is how long the full version is… or how much fluff is stuck in there amongst all the lines I know and love. Alas, reality can’t hold up to nostalgia.

  24. Meghan says:

    Players Anthem (UGK) – 2
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) – 5

    A few friends of mine at BU law did a pretty good parody of the ASPCA commercial about law students trying to find jobs in this economy:

    I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) – 4
    Closing Time (Semisonic) – 7.5

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) – 4
    Lua (Bright Eyes) – 2

    I liked the opening to Death Cab but it fell off quickly from there. Lua is just blah and really easy to tune out.

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) – 3
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) – 4

    Damnit, I love the Fresh Prince show song. The full version annoyed me but I still prefer it over Careless Whisper.

  25. Wiggs says:

    Dandersen, big ups for getting me and Dave involved. You’re awesome.

    Int’l Players Anthem: 3…I don’t get it, I guess, and I feel bad about that.
    Angel: 8. Who doesn’t love a good “I want to die” song?! Actually, my best friend in middle school listened to this song on repeat to give himself the courage to come out to his parents, so I have a hugely positive association with it.

    Bells: 6
    Closing Time: 7.5

    Title and Registration: 5…I like Death Cab because I’m from Seattle, but this isn’t my fave. I just heart an interview on NPR where they said they’re writing happy songs now that the lead singer is married. I kind of love it.
    Lua: 2

    Careless Whisper: 3 because it’s hilarious.
    Fresh Prince: 5…I couldn’t stop picturing Jay Pharoah singing it, which made me like it more.

  26. Marconi never sleeps says:

    We need more fun music, less soundtrack to wrist slitting.

    Division B Play-In: International Players Anthem (UGK) 4 vs. Angel (Sarah McLachlan) 1

    Division C Play-In: I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) 2 vs. Closing Time (Semisonic) 6

    Division D Play-In: Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) 4 vs. Lua (Bright Eyes) 5 What a pathosfest.

    Division F Play-In: Careless Whisper (George Michael) 6 vs. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) 5 The Fresh Prince song isn’t as cool as I remember it.

  27. Carrie says:

    International Players Anthem (UGK): 7
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan): 5

    I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty): 4
    Closing Time (Semisonic): 6.5

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie): 5.5
    Lua (Bright Eyes): 4

    Careless Whisper (George Michael): 6.5
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith): 4.5

  28. The Catholic says:

    International Players Anthem (UGK) 2
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) 2.2
    I LOVE hip hop, and y’all will get to listen to some of my favorites shortly. The Under Ground Kings, unfortunately, are everything that is wrong with hip hop. Generic, poor flow, nothing special.
    Angel made me tired.

    But what a juxtaposition! I don’t know if you could match up a pair of songs with such a marked disparity in testosterone and estrogen… and yet sadly, neither is able to overcome its own mediocrity.

    Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) 4.6
    Closing Time (Semisonic) 7
    “Bells” really pissed me off at first, but steadily gained steam throughout.

    Used to absolutely LOVE Closing Time. Reminds me of when I used to work at Blockbuster back in high school. Life is probably a billion times more interesting now, and this song and my nostalgia for it has diminished (though not necessarily commensurately).

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) 6
    Lua (Bright Eyes) 1
    Wait, I’ve thought this was the Postal Service all this time… Nice little emo song, nothing too special though.

    There there, Conor. It’ll be okay. I’d give you a hug, but I don’t want your eyeliner on my shoulder… Its hard being an upper-middle-class male cracker in this harsh world, but I’m sure you’ll make it.

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) 1
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) 4

    I always thought that was Kenny G! You mean its just Steve Gregory?!?! There goes my world….

    Why is this version of tFPoBA so much less fun than the one from the TV show?

  29. Dinah says:

    Players Anthem (4.5)
    Angel (3)

    Bells (3)
    Closing Time (3.1)

    Title & Registration (3)
    Lua (2.5)

    Careless Whisper (5.5)
    Fresh Prince (4.5)

    I kind of liked Careless Whisper.

  30. wow. its clear i have pretty much opposite music taste to everyone so far. i love hearing everyone’s thoughts though i disagree so much on the only few songs this round i gave a shit about. so here goes.

    International Players Anthem (UGK) – 3
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan) – 2

    I Hear The Bells (Mike Doughty) – 6
    Closing Time (Semisonic) – 5
    mike doughty’s great.

    Title and Registration (Death Cab For Cutie) – 8
    Lua (Bright Eyes) – 9
    death cab is my favorite band ever. codes and keys came out today and it rules, so i’m feeling especially death cab happy today.
    as for lua – i saw conor play this at radio city in march and apart from shell games, it absolutely killed. it makes me sad how much anger people have at this song/band. ah well.

    Careless Whisper (George Michael) – 3
    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Will Smith) – 4

  31. D-Maas says:

    International Players Anthem vs. Angel: 4 / 6
    I found the UGK song musically monotonous. I always liked Sarah McLachlan, even though her stuff is a little high on the sap-o-meter (full disclosure, I grew up down the block from her).

    I Hear The Bells vs. Closing Time: 5.5 / 4
    I hadn’t heard the Doughty song. I thought it was easy listening. Closing time is a little too repetitive for me since I don’t love the hook.

    Title and Registration vs. Lua: 4 / 5.5
    The Deathcab song is a bit too melodramatic for me. Lua is a solid sunday-morning song. Soft, slow, pleasant. I’d never heard it before and will definitely keep it on my sunday-morning radar.

    Careless Whisper vs. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: 2.5 / 2
    Both songs only make sense to me as montage/theme songs. Without a montage to go along with them, they just don’t do it for me. Slight edge to Careless Whisper because I overdose on Fresh Prince in a hurry.

  32. natalie says:

    international players anthem – 4
    angel – 5

    i hear the bells – 6
    closing time – 5

    title & registration – 7
    lua – 4

    careless whisper – 6
    the fresh prince of bel air – 5

    my commentary on all of these is pretty dull, so i will let the numbers do the speaking.

  33. Guillermo says:

    UGK 3
    Angel 6

    I Hear The Bells 3.5
    Closing Time 4

    Title and Registration 2
    Lua 3

    Careless Whisper 4
    Fresh Prince 1

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