People’s Choice Tournament: The Field Is Set (almost)

Styx- Division D 1 Seed

Ladies and Gentlemen: 5:00 PM has come and gone and the nominations are in. We have a field of a total of 263 different songs from 95 distinct voters. Everyone pat yourselves on the back, because we may be entering a different era of music tournaments. To quote Grant’s Dr. John comment from the Round of 512 of LTDMT, “how some if these songs get into the tourney of best song of all time is fucking baffling to me.

David Bowie- Division M 1 Seed

Be baffled no more, all. Every single one of these songs came from us- some more than others, but certainly nothing tantamount to the LTDMT list. The genres are all over the place, and each song is going to have to stand its ground and survive 8 match-ups to be crowned The People’s Choice (and in the case of the 14 songs which will be in a play-in round to enter the Field of 256, 9 match-ups.)

Some other numbers about the total field now that it is set:

Artists with Multiple Nominations:

Mavis Staples- Division L 1 Seed

Adele (2)
Arcade Fire (2)
Bruce Springsteen (4)
Cher (2. But both from one voter. Who must really, really love Cher.)
David Bowie (2)
Elvis Costello (2)
Fleetwood Mac (3)
Joe Cocker (2)
LCD Soundsystem (2)
Led Zeppelin (2)
Mavis Staples (2)
New Order (2)
Otis Redding (3. Hell yeah.)
Parliament (2)
Pearl Jam (3)
Pixies (3)

Queen- Division F 1 seed

Queen (2)
Radiohead (2)
Ray LaMontagne (2)
Rolling Stones (2)
Strokes (2)
Van Morrison (3. Another hell yeah from this guy.)

This is interesting to compare to the LTDMT…granted, because of the ineligibility list this is a little biased but The Beatles came very, very close (like 50 minutes close) to not even making an appearance in this tournament. The Stones get 2. And then in the meantime, a number of artists not even represented in that first go-around get multiple nods from individuals who almost surely do not know each other. Adele. New Order. Ray LaMontagne.

Toots and the Maytals- Division B 1 Seed

Yes, voters, we are very very excited about what is to come. Check the song nominations list to see an alphabetical list of the final list of songs.

Last but not least, you probably noticed that 263>256. In that vein, there will be 7 play-in matches to win 16 seed spots. So if your name is JackReed, Kris, zd, PeterM, jellybean, Clarkle, Troch, PaulN, DeltaRhythms, AnonymousTed, NatalieG, Z-Free, Kathie, or TessW, you are going to want to keep checking in early on because you guys are the first up.

Stay tuned, everyone and be patient with the brackets, as we have to get play-ins settled first before we finalize things.

So f-ing pumped,

About g-mo

The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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7 Responses to People’s Choice Tournament: The Field Is Set (almost)

  1. ktracz says:

    wait so you’re telling me bubba sparxxx OTHER hit didn’t make it!??!

  2. lindsay says:

    I’m so psyched! Feels like Christmas is coming!

  3. deltaRhythms says:

    Leaving the requisite comment to get notified of updates 🙂

  4. Jellybean says:

    Looking forward to it and hoping my song gets in!

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