Marathon Day IV: Kicking Things Off On Staten Island

Marathon Day, an event truly like any other, is a mere nine days away.  Now in its fourth year, Marathon Day is a 26.2 drink trip through New York City’s five boroughs.  It’s an opportunity to explore some of the city’s finest neighborhoods with an all-star hang-out crew.  This post will be the first of four posts taking you through the epic day.

On May 14, we’ll be meeting at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal on the southern tip of Manhattan at 10:45am.  That gives everyone time to grab a breakfast sandwich and get ready for the free boat ride to Staten Island.

On board we have drink #1, which is sold cheap and by the can.

Once on Staten Island, we head to our first three bars:  Jimmy Steiny’s, Karl’s Klipper and Cargo.

Jimmy and Karl run classy little joints, while Cargo is a larger bar, with delightful artwork on the exterior, good vibes inside, and Connect Four/Jenga! games by the bar.  Play fast though- we’ve got to catch the 1pm ferry back to Manhattan!

This year we’ll also be offering an optional stop at Pier 76, a Staten Island favorite known for its great slices of pizza.

Most participants consider Staten Island the most fun part of the entire day- the sun is shining, bartenders are happy to see you, and when else are you going to wind up on Bay Street?  Even if you don’t plan on sticking around for the whole marathon, definitely try to make this part.

If you miss the Staten Island experience, don’t worry, you can catch us back on the other little island, where we’ll be making our first stop at Whitehorse Tavern at 1:40pm.

About Janos Marton

Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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