Quarter-Finals Results: Left Side of the Bracket

Coming into the quarter-finals, we’d already eliminated 272 artists since the Round of 512 began in early December.  The one artist that simply would not go down is Queen, who send two of their songs to a dramatic all-Queen Final Four match-up.

#1 Under Pressure (Queen/Bowie) def. #8 Twist and Shout (Beatles), 188-180.

For a #1 seed, Under Pressure certainly didn’t perform like one, posting a pedestrian 7.53 average in its single-digit victory.  It did make the Wall of 10s, thanks to Grant and Kate M.  Twist and Shout plugged along the same way it has for the past few months, picking up 7s and 8s (who really dislikes this song?), but it did not have the firepower to out-gun Mercury and Bowie.    It’s the end of the road for the Beatles, who put on a clinic for most of the tournament.  They led the way with advancing 9 songs to the Round of 512, 8 to the Round of 256, all 8 to the Round of 128, 6 to the Round of 64, all 8 to the Round of 32, and three to the Sweet 16.  At that point, Paul McCartney fatigue reared its head.  It’s still hard to object with the Beatles’ commonly invoked title of greatest band of all time after a run like that.  Still, the day belong to Queen (and Bowie).  Treat yourself to the Royal Philharmonic’s cover.

#4 Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) def. #5 Baba O’Riley (Who), 218-198.

In case anyone is wondering about our voting base’s sample size, I drilled this question at party-goers last night, and found the results their pretty much identical to our results here.  A lot of people were torn up about a match-up between two true legends of rock and roll.  Most people preferred Bohemian Rhapsody by a hair, but many, including its supporters, acknowledged its cheesiness as well as its greatness.   This was a close one early on, but as Easter moved along, Rhapsody put increasing distance between its rival.  While scores suggest that Baba might have beaten Under Pressure, that’s now how the tournament works.

Bohemian Rhapsody makes the Wall of 10s courtesy of Sam, Pill, Dr.J, Danno and Adrock, and has to be considered the heavy favorite in the upcoming semi-final.

Thank you to all of our first-time voters, I hope you enjoyed the experience.  With one Queen song guaranteed a finals spot, we’ll be watching closely tomorrow who is percolating over in the right side of the bracket.

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