Song Averages Cheatsheet

Here are all the songs still alive in order. Remember, only 80% of their seeding fate has been determined, but this gives in the least a snapshot of what’s going on and how a song that wins its championship will land in the seeding of the Sweetest Sixteen…

Place Division Song Artist Average Score To Date
1 L Son of a Preacherman Dusty Springfield 8.19575
2 M Let It Be Beatles 8.14425
3 M Under Pressure Queen/David Bowie 8.08475
4 K Stand By Me Ben E. King 8.079
5 F The Weight The Band 8.02575
6 E Bohemian Rhapsody Queen 8.00475
7 F Hurt Johnny Cash 7.97475
8 H Baba O’Reilly Who 7.88325
9 O Ring of Fire Johnny Cash 7.879
10 G All Along the Watchtower Jimi Hendrix 7.86025
11 J Twist and Shout Beatles 7.85975
12 P Piano Man Billy Joel 7.85025
13 B Hey Jude Beatles 7.793
14 C Hallelujah Jeff Buckley 7.77575
15 A You Can’t Always Get What You Want Rolling Stones 7.7695
16 L Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison 7.75475
17 O Fortunate Sun CCR 7.72175
18 I Free Fallin’ Tom Petty 7.65725
19 N Golden Slumbers Medley Beatles 7.6555
20 A Sounds of Silence Simon and Garfunkel 7.61575
21 I A Day In the Life Beatles 7.51825
22 H American Girl Tom Petty 7.4895
23 E Here Comes The Sun Beatles 7.48075
24 D Mrs. Robinson Simon and Garfunkel 7.46475
25 D For What It’s Worth Buffalo Springfield 7.4435
26 P I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor 7.405
27 B Creep Radiohead 7.37725
28 C Lookin out my back door CCR 7.2875
29 N Zombie Cranberries 7.146
30 J Train in Vain Clash 7.121
31 G Thunder Road Bruce Springsteen 7.0125
32 K We Built This City Jefferson Starship 6.6505

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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1 Response to Song Averages Cheatsheet

  1. The Catholic says:

    Wow, thats 29 really good songs.

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