Divisions O & P Semi-Final Results

We’ve finally reached the end of the Round of 64, and thank you all for your patience and voting. Janos will be taking over for the Round of 32 and please don’t blink guys- we are running through these championships in 4 (yes, 4) days starting tomorrow at 8 pm so that we can get on with the Sweetest 16 Bracket. Woooooo get excited. And now the results…

Division O Championship: #6 Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival) vs. #8 Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)

Down go the mid-90s. Weezer was looking really strong and I’ve been singing their praises for awhile, but there were some pretty big differentials from a few voters. Which sort of shocks me, I don’t know how anyone could dock “Say It Ain’t So” in the way that people were. Eh, what can you do. Weezer falls to “Ring Of Fire,” 144.5-124.7, and Johnny Cash grabs the top average of the day with a 7.61. On the other side, pretty much the same story. “Sabotage” had been rocking it as an underdog for the last few months, but CCR would have none of that. Fogerty and the boys take it, 137.75-110.8.

Division P Championship: #1 Piano Man (Billy Joel) vs. #3 I Will Survive(Gloria Gaynor)

Billy Joel and “Piano Man” take their match-up pretty easily and eliminates the American Idiot track, 106.3-91.2 (this looks lower than the rest of the scores because the Africans didn’t submit Holiday votes, so we couldn’t count their Piano Man scores. Be careful when posting!)

The real shocker over here, however, is the Gloria Gaynor win. I set up a draft of the post at 6 pm with a whole little story about “Wavin’ Flag” and the World Cup and the general commercialization of music, Coca Cola, etc. I clearly shouldn’t have assumed that a 7 point lead would last the late polling, because with an hour to post, Dinah, Astrid, and Ogden swept in with nods to disco. “I Will Survive” shocks “Wavin’ Flag,” 133.75-128.6. This tournament is so crazy- all of the sudden we have a very, very different looking Div P Final. In defeat, K’naan makes the Wall of 10’s with nods from Adrock, Danno, and Kate M.

And the show must go on. I’m going to put together a cheat sheat of where song averages stand, and then Nos is taking the reins for the A, B, C, and D championships. Tell yo’ friends, because as I’ve said before, shit is getting real. Mad real.

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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3 Responses to Divisions O & P Semi-Final Results

  1. Kate M says:

    Whoops, we goofed on Holiday but our scores would have led to the same result… Are we missing the beginning of Round 32 somewhere? Maybe we just feel left out because we are eight hours ahead and maybe I misread your post…maybe Round 32 starts at 8pm, instead of ending Round 1. Ok, we will just try to get some things done, while we wait for you guys to wake up…..

  2. guillermo olivos says:

    Hey Kate!

    Nos will be opening the polls for the first Round of 32 match-ups tonight at 8 pm eastern standard time, but if you are dying to rock, the Brackets are updated and we’ll be going 4 divisions at a time.

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