Music Tournament Round of 128: Division K Results

We’ve got a ho-hum Sunday here in Division K.  None of the matchups were particularly close or exciting, and only Stand By Me put together a score that will intimidate anyone outside the Division.

#1 Stand By Me (Ben E. King) def. #8 Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Beach Boys), 132-110.  The Brothers Wilson are artists #216 to wash out.  Is now a good time to mention that only one of them could surf, and he drowned in the ocean?

#4 Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) def. #5 Killing Me Softly (Fugees), 120-111.  I retract my Fugees diss- they performed admirably.  MJ sends its second Thriller song to the Round of 64,  where it’ll face Stand By Me. Good luck.

On to the weaker half of the bracket…

#15 Man In Black (Johnny Cash) def. #10 Me Gustas Tu (Manu Chao), 107-71. Not Johnny’s best, but it was enough to send the trilingualist packing (artist #217).

#6 We Built This City (Jefferson Starship) def. #3 Johnny Appleseed (Joe Strummer), 93-77 (short two voters).  A day after powering the Clash to two wins, Strummer ran out of gas, and is eliminated as a solo artist (#218).

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3 Responses to Music Tournament Round of 128: Division K Results

  1. Guillermo says:

    I just thought of something and checked the sheet to confirm…Johnny Cash is 100% undefeated to date. And the best part is that his first defeat will be only because two of his songs are playing each other next round. That is f-ing ridiculous.

  2. janos marton says:

    Not so fast. His first defeat will probably be when Ring of Fire goes up against Wagon Wheel in the Round of 128 (Division O). Still an incredible run.

  3. Gmo says:

    Truth, my bad- we’ll see who pulls it out in the Spin Cycle Revival match of 2011.

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