Music Tournament Round of 128: Division H Results

Lose Yourself carries the day again, making the Wall of 10s thanks to Adrock, Grant and Guillermo.

Meanwhile, there’s some serious mohawk-pulling going on at Camp Armstrong.  Green Day somewhat surprisingly pushed three songs into the Round of 128, but now two are gone, and the third, Holiday, will be up against Nirvana.   Other than Basket Case’s narrow loss to You Can Call Me Al, none of Division H’s matches were all that close.

#1 Baba O’Riley (Who) def. #16 Wonderful World (Sam Cooke), 141-123.   An easy win for Baba, even after taking a hit from Lindsay (2-10).

#4 You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon) def. #12 Basket Case (Green Day), 117.9-115.7.  People started souring on this Simon song, even in a win.  Sad lyrics/happy tune man, what’s not to like?

#2 American Girl (Tom Petty) def. #7 Just What I Needed (Cars),  135-126. Thank you, Cars, it’s been a pleasure.  As for American Girl, how much further it goes depends on the last minute of the song- the first 2.5 minutes are absolutely perfect.

#11 Lose Yourself (Eminem) def. #3 We Can Work It Out (Beatles), 146-130. Of all the Beatles songs left, this was probably the weakest. That said, another impressive win for Mr. Shady.  Of all the sleepers and underdogs left in the tournament, I’d venture Lose Yourself is one song people did not think would make it to the Round of 64.  It’ll be a 10-point favorite against American Girl, though that song has demonstrated decades of staying power on classic rock radio.

The Cars and Sam Cooke are out of the tournament.  Sorry, Astrid, we knew this day would come. You could even say, it’s been a long, long time comin’…

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