Music Tournament Round of 256: Division N, Day 2 Results

The Nirvana catalog struggled early on, but #2 Smells Like Teen Spirit looks like a bonafide contender, despite the gallant performance of #15 Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel), 102-98. Peter Gabriel, it’s time to take you home. (Artist #188)  Solsbury Hill also hits the Wall of 10s in defeat (Guillermo, Catholic).

#10 Laid (James) upsets #7 Instant Karma (John Lennon),  98-85 . This sends solo Lennon and Yoko Ono (Artist #189) out of the tournament, but Lennon lives on through the numerous Beatles tunes that remain.  The tie between Laid and Solsbury Hill confirms what a good matchup that would have been.

#3 Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane) held off a pesky #14 Straight to Hell (Clash), 98-85.

#6 Golden Slumbers (Beatles) makes the Wall of 10s (G and Danno) in defeating #11 Good Lovin’ (Young Rascals),  105-94.  The Young Rascals are artist #190 to bounce.

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