Music Tournament Round of 256: Division G, Day 2 Results

Not a lot of glitz and glamor in this set of match-ups, but for what seems like the first time in the Round of 256, we had four solid battles and not a single blow-out.

#2 Longview (Green Day) def. #15 Don’t Speak (No Doubt), 94-82.

#7 Night Moves (Bob Seger) def.  #10 Cherub Rock (Smashing Pumpkins), 77-63.  Catholic may soon get his wish to see Billy Corgan go away, as the Pumpkins have only one song left.

#3 Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen) def. #14 Today Was a Good Day (Ice Cube), 93-87.

#11 Roll Away Your Stone (Mumford & Sons) def. #6 You Can’t Hurry Love (Supremes), 101-89.  Big win for Mumford and his sons.

No Doubt, the Supremes and Ice Cube have been eliminated, bringing the total carnage to 162 artists.

About Janos Marton

Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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