LTDMT: Round of 256, Division D, Day 1 Results

Born To Run vs Three Little Birds was the name of the match-up to watch for this round. Lotta back and forths, including at least one 10 for each of them. In the end, Bruce generally kept a slight advantage over Bob and ended up on top, 125.5-118.5. Born To Run pulled three 10’s, from adam, Jordan, and myself, and is the first song to earn two nods to the Wall of 10’s.

(I originally had Born To Run’s album cover up, then remembered this thing from the 80s and…well, I hope the picture cheered you up a bit this morning. Hump day, people, let’s do the damn thing)

Don’t Stop Believing seemed to be coming up against a few instances of inexplicable hate, but continues strong and defeats Don’t Fear The Reaper 137-105.75. Still, everyone should watch this if you haven’t seen it as we bid our farewell to Blue Oyster Cult. (Note on this: if a voter only votes for one song and doesn’t submit a vote for the other one, we’re considering that the equivalent to a 7-5 split; we don’t know whether __ = “0”, or __ = “my boss came in and I had to alt-tab my way to seeming productive, and when I came back I forgot to put in my second score.” There was one instance of that here, so for future reference…)

Giving Journey a run for their money for high score: didn’t Janos say something about Simon & Garfunkel being underappreciated? Mrs. Robinson takes its match-up easily, 135-112.5.

Last, and maybe biggest upset to date, 13 seed All Apologies squeaks past 4 seed Hotel California, 120.25-117.5….and knocks the Eagles out of the tournament! I only checked the low seeds on the potential knock-outs earlier, but on further review…yes, the Eagles are dead. That’s exciting, yes? Nirvana has no apologies for Don Henley.

Eagles and Blue Oyster Cult out. Ramones 0-1 with one left. Marley 0-1 with three left.

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The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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  1. Astrid says:

    Oops. I’ll be more careful! 🙂

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