Music Tournament Round of 256: Division A, Day 2 Results

Our first major upset!  Blondie shocked Bono for the win.  It was razor-tight, but Astrid sealed the deal.

#14 Call Me (Blondie) def. #3 One (U2), 129.75-128.75.   After beating Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson) in the play-in round, and 99 Red Balloons (Nena) in the Round of 512, Blondie moves on.   A beatable Modern Love awaits.

(Confirmed after recount)

#6 Modern Love (David Bowie) def. #11 Galileo (Indigo Girls) by about 119.25-105.2.  I have to agree with The Catholic that people did not give Galileo enough credit (ironic that Galileo got his greatest support from The Catholic, history considered).  Great lyrics, uplifting tune.  Modern Love got mixed scores from ya’ll, kind of stumbling into the Round of 128.

#7 Sounds of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel) def. #10 California Girls (Beach Boys), by about 148.5-119.75.  SoS really lit it up this round, posting an 8.2 average, marking itself as a real contender in this bracket.

Consider this fact- between his solo career and work with Garfunkel, Paul Simon went an astonishing 9-1 in the Round of 512, tying the Beatles for most songs advancing (though John Lennon’s 2 solo songs leave him as the person with the most songs advancing- 11).   He was always a force in my personal tournaments, and this tournament demonstrates that he is one of the most underrated talents in music.

#2 Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright (Bob Dylan) def. Juicy (Notorious B.I.G), 125.14-112.9.  Dylan was unimpressive in winning.

The Indigo Girls and Biggie become the 134th and 135th artists eliminated from the tournament.

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