Voter Appreciation Awards!

At this point in the tournament, I thought it might be fun to throw out some statistics and numbers on you, the awesome voting public, and award you accordingly. I won’t include Janos and I in these first 5, as that would be lame.

Award 1: Lovers Of All Things Musical Award

This award goes to the voters who on average give any song the highest score. There are a good number of one-time voters who hit the top on this (StephenK, Elizabeth B, 2 of the 3 Lardo sisters,) but for award purposes and keeping degrees of freedom in mind, I thought it would be more reasonable to say you had to vote in at least two days of match-ups. (For benchmark purposes, the average score across every vote submitted for every single match-up is 6.809. And for you stats nerds like me, the standard deviation is 1.727.)

Gold Medal: Cristina (7.548)
Silver Medal: Jim Rock (7.262)
Bronze Medal: Astrid (7.127)

Award 2: Keeping Us Honest Award

In the same sense, there is certainly appreciation for those voters who truly scrutinize all match-ups and don’t dole out 8s and 9s like candy. These multi-day voters gave songs the lowest scores on average:

Gold Medal: Carrie (5.850)
Silver Medal: Danno (5.932)
Bronze Medal: Mark B (6.111)

Award 3: Marathon Award

This award goes to the voters that have voted in the most match-ups. You guys have been the backbone- thank you.

Gold Medal: Mark O (133 matchups)
Silver Medal: Lindsay (129 matchups)
Bronze Medal: Astrid (126 matchups)

Award 4: The Equality Award

The unweighted average difference between voter scores on two songs is 1.914. Voters who on average give two songs in a match-up the lowest differential get this award. We know- choosing songs is constantly tough,  makes us pull our hair out at times, and there’s no shame in the heartfelt tie or +0.5.

Gold Medal: Sweetems (+1.405)
Silver Medal: Margot (+1.527)
Bronze Medal: Carrie (+1.643)

Award 5: Gamechanger Award

This award goes to the voters who on average vote with the highest differential between the two songs. These voters are the most decisively in a given camp on a given day. (Yes, that is a picture of Gheorge Muresan.)

Gold Medal: Danno (+3.46)
Silver Medal: Mark B (+2.59)
Bronze Medal: Matt (+2.55)



Honorable Mention: The Almighty 10s

Last, I wanted to recognize the songs to which voters gave 10s- an act not to be taken lightly, and as sure a sign of true love for a song as any. So it’s like if you were one of those two people and your song you gave a 10 to was the other person. I’ve never seen this movie but I think this makes pop culture sense.

  • Jacob: A Day In The Life, Friday I’m In Love, Twist and Shout
  • Jordan: Thunder Road, Like A Rolling Stone, Superstition, Changes, The River, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Holland 1945, Sweet Jane, Seven Nation Army, Tangled Up In Blue
  • Danno: Thunder Road, A Day In The Life, Paranoid Android, Thriller, Hurt, Longview, Basket Case, Times They Are A Changing, Imagine
  • Guillermo: Sweet Thing, Africa, More Than A Feeling, Stand By Me
  • Janos: America
  • Cristina: Like A Rolling Stone, Sympathy For The Devil, All Apologies, Heroin, Idioteque, Rudie Can’t Fail, Gloria
  • Mark O: Thunder Road, Born To Run
  • Nick: Superstition, Three Little Birds
  • Lindsay: Sweet Thing, Don’t Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow), Ain’t No Sunshine
  • Astrid: Substitute, Personality Crisis, Don’t Stop Believing
  • Natalie: One, No Rain
  • Colin: Thunder Road, All Along The Watchtower, Rebellion, Baba O’Reilley, Moondance
  • Margot: Triumph
  • Kate: Night Moves
  • Jim Rock: Superstition, Changes, Such Great Heights, Hey Jude, Wild World, I Want You Back, Fool In The Rain, Bohemian Rhapsody, Beat It
  • Matt: Stairway To Heaven, Layla
  • Adrock: Thunder Road, America, Juicy, House of the Rising Sun, Another Brick In The Wall
  • Tim: Common People
  • Brian: Like A Rolling Stone, Looking Out My Back Door, Creep, Louie Louie, Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard, Tunnels, Hey Ya, Carolina Drama, Folsom Prison Blues, Today Was A Good Day, Buddy Holly
  • Adam: Like A Rolling Stone, Looking Out My Back Door, Born To Run
  • Pillanattolvaj: The Only Living Boy In New York, Hotel California
  • Benji: Day In The Life, Thriller
  • Stephen(2): Paranoid Android, Cherub Rock
  • Grant: Rebellion, The Weight
  • Jess W: Natural Woman

Thanks again to everybody, keep on voting, and tell your friends too!


About g-mo

The day I was born, Michael Jackson's Thriller album was at the top of the Billboard 200. I've been trying my best to live up to that expectation ever since.
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2 Responses to Voter Appreciation Awards!

  1. g says:

    i gave a 10 to rebellion, not night moves.

  2. Kate says:

    This is amazing. Gmo, you get a gage gold star for excel prowess.

    Random quasi-related rant: Does anyone remember the this american life where the guy talks about how The Truth About Cats and Dogs is the exact midpoint of movie quality and how a movie can be defined as “good” or “bad” specifically on if it is better or worse than that janene garofalo gem? Cause I’ve been thinking a lot about that in the last few weeks when trying to determine where song is on the scale and, for that matter, what the scale really is so its not sliding all over. And I’ve been thinking for a while that I need one song that is solidly and completely a 5 that I will help me determine which side of the line it should be on and how far. Gmo- any chance your fancy excel sheet can calculate the song with the highest number of 5s? Or does anyone else have a song they are consistently comparing each tournament song to as a way to determine score? I guess the question is, what is that neither good nor bad, just solidly middle of the road song that locks down the scale? And if anyone is wondering, that TAL episode aired on October 3rd, 1997 – I guess TTACAD was a little more fresh in hearts and minds back then.

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