Living the Dream Music Tournament: Day 28 Results

A couple blow-outs today, as the underdogs came out with no magic against some top legends.

Here Comes the Sun (Beatles) def. Safety Dance (Men Without Hats), 56-50.

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) def. Losing My Edge (LCD Soundsystem), 55-37.

Electric Avenue (Eddy Grant) def. Tennessee (Arrested Development), 55-49.

Seven Nation Army (White Stripes) def. Hero of the Day (Metallica), 49-33.  Adam Small’s gonna be upset that Metallica got no traction.

Beat It (Michael Jackson) def. Birthday (Sugarcubes), 59-40.

That’s it for the Sugarcubes, but Bjork still has a song from her solo career left in the tourney.  The same can’t be said for our other departing artists, Men Without Hats, Arrested Development and Metallica.  It’s pretty rare to lose four artists in a single day.

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Janos Marton is a lawyer, advocate and writer.
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